Sep 04 2011

First Post: Day 4

So I am 4 days into the inter-railing trip and this has been my first chance to post. It started off in Paris when I flew in Thursday. I got into the city and waited to meet Senan. I walked around for a few hours while i waited. Paris is a nice city. Really expensive but nice. I eventually met Senan and Charlotte and we went into a pub for drink. 3 pints were 21 euro.

We decided to look for a hostel in a search which brought us through the red light district, into some mans old attic but eventually we found a 2 star hotel. It turned out to be really nice. Niamh then came into the city and we all went for food. We then walked the city looking for alcohol. I was surprised with the lack of newsagents/ off licenses, however we eventually found somewhere and went to drink on the banks of the Seine. This didn’t work as men kept walking up to us asking for fags/money and our drink. We decided to move on and eventually found a brass band playing along the river bank further up the river. We stayed and listened before going back to a pub across from our hotel. Again 3 drinks was 21euro but we made the most of it and had fun.

Day 2 in Paris was good. We walked miles around the city to find a train station to leave our luggage and after a hour or 2 we found one. We left our luggage, got the metro into town and went to all the major sights. It was really enjoyable just to walk around and take in the atmosphere. The city is pretty amazing but so expensive.  I really liked the Eiffel Tower. Senan liked it more. After walking all day, we went back to the Train station and used our inter-rail pass for the first time getting and overnight train from Paris to Milan which stopped in Bern, Switzerland. 

Day 3 started early in Milan as we arrived at 6 in the morning. After some thinking we decided we would only spend one day in Milan. We left out luggage in the depot, booked our night train ticket to Rome and went exploring Milan. The city is so much cheaper then Paris and it really nice. We walked around different markets and streets just taking in the atmosphere and enjoying not having to carry our rucksacks. We chilled in a park and then went in search of super markets to buy food. A baquet was 89 cent, Bananas were 1.99 and I’m feed for two days! Senan was able to buy a massive pizza for 2.50 which he said was amazing. The ice cream in Milan was also top notch. After our day out we went back to the train station and got on a train to Genova. We had an hours wait in Geonva (where we had to switch trains) which seemed like a run down area but had an amazing train station. We saw drunk guys fighting and the cops breaking it up. 

After the hour we boarded a train to Rome. This has been the low point of the trip. The train was tiny and was over crowded which meant we had to sit on an aisle for over 5 hours as people kept walking buy with bags. It felt like the trains you would see in India. The trip was at the time so depressing, looking back now kind of funny. 

Day 4 started when we arrived in Rome this morning after that painful trip. We had to sit in the train station and wait for everything to open. We were all exhausted and smelt really bad. Senan and I searched the surrounding area for a hostel. All the hotels looked so shit from outside yet when you entered they all had nice receptions and therefore where were to expensive for us. After a few hours we managed to get a hostel which is where I am now. We all managed to get a shower and bed. Today we will just stay around the hostel and relax.

Sorry about not photos but I wont be able to post them until I am home.

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