Sep 15 2011

They don’t have euro in the czech republic

We eventually left Salzburg Tuesday Morning. We were meant to leave Monday, but we were severely Hungover. I spent Sunday climbing Kapuzinerberg on my own. I didn’t think it would be so difficult but it was. Really worth it though as it gave an amazing view of the city and the surrounding area. After we chilled out before going to the Hostel bar for a few drinks. We met a lot of really sweet people at it. Was a fun night.

Charlotte went on a sound of music tour Monday morning. I was really hungover so Senan and I got food and stayed around the hostel for the day, just relaxing. We then booked in for another night and I went to bed early. I think the trip had just caught up with me as i was wrecked.

Up and refreshed we left Salzburg early Tuesday morning. We spent the day traveling by train through Austria and into the Czech Republic. It was a nice trip. Upon arriving in the Prague we found out they don’t have euro. It was funny and confusing.

We got a hostel and looked through the city before going for a pint and going to bed early. The following day we explored the city. It is all within walking distance and it was really nice. After our day exploring we went out in Prague, going to a few pubs and the ‘biggest nightclub in central Europe’. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.

I am not sitting in the Hostel killing time before we go to get our train to Munich. Octoberfest is on so we hope to have a laugh at it if we can stay long enough.

Only a week left now. Time is flying

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